The President’s vagueness on white supremacists stood in stark contrast to the bluntness, bombast and outspokenness Trump has built his career on. The President for decades has slammed his opponents – by name – on Twitter and in the media, never missing an opportunity to castigate a person or group that he thinks has slighted him. And he campaigned as a businessman-turned-politician who promised to be blunt when it came to terrorism.
But on Saturday, as the nation watched white nationalists carrying Nazi flags scuffle in an idyllic American city, Trump ignored reporters who asked him directly whether he condemned white nationalist groups or whether he considered the murder of a woman in Charlottesville a terrorist attack.
Those White House aides who appeared on television Sunday morning tried to walk the line between condemning a terrorist attack at the hands of a suspected white nationalist and denying that the President failed to go far enough on Saturday.

Trump silent as aides look to explain his vague Charlottesville statement

Anyone defending or standing by Trump is as deplorable, despicable, and contemptuous as Trump himself. Trump stands with Nazis and if you stand with Trump, so do you.

(via wilwheaton)

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